Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Few Extras

Sunshine!  Quick!  Everyone in the garden!  

We've reset Grandad's Veggie Patch and sown some new bulbs and flower seeds ready for the coming year.  Monkey Girl planted her Bee Garden seeds which were her Christmas present from Nanny.  They are sprouting already and she is delighted.

Here's my tiny Monkey Girl introducing her Division at the Commodore's Pennant Presentation at her Sea Cadet Unit.  She is Leading Junior Cadet First Class and she is also very cool.

I collected boxes for a week, after which the kiddies went shopping...

We were given a round, white cushion and I challenged the children to see how many things they could turn it into.  They came up with:

button on a giant
and a thousand other things I cannot remember.

The children turned the garage doors into a night scene!

In the mornings the kiddies have chores to complete before we start anything fun (aka school work!).  They each make their beds, each have a set of curtains or blinds to open around the house and The Boy has his inhaler, then puts on a wash for the day.  He does it without any help at all now.  I put the laundry in the machine ready the night before and every morning off he trots to the utility area and gets it all going for me. He's brilliant.

He's also pretty smashing at washing up too :)

The water table stayed out for a week and changed from cafe area to fairy land to pony washing station to pouring and mixing.


Vitamin D fishing

Designing a nature bag

Off to nursery in the fog.

These two had their Grade 3 Ballet Exam

 And this one had her Grade 1 Ballet Exam

Last week my most wonderful, polite, endearing, testosterone-fuelled favourite Boy of them all turned FIVE!

Papa took the day off work for The Boy's birthday and we all went pond-dipping.

And then at the weekend, The Birthday Boy had a Gymnastics Acro-Batty Party with all his friends.

The Continent of Africa Thematic Unit

I chose this unit to highlight the huge number of countries in this continent and to give the children an opportunity to cover the geography, culture, traditions, current affairs, languages, history and art in several of these countries.