Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring Thematic Unit

The benefits of hands-on activities far outweigh sit-down learning in my experience of home-schooling for the past eight years. Although we do mix and match and have completed more workbooks and text books than I can possibly remember, the fact remains that play-based learning is more memorable, stimulates the imagination and is the basis of creativity.

And so, here is the last post of our hands-on Spring Thematic Unit.

Honey Tasting.  We tried:
Acacia Honey, 
Orange Blossom Honey, 
Greek Hill Honey, 
Australian Honey, 
Natural Set Honey.

Spring sewing.  Purse by Monkey Girl.

Bag by Ballet Girl.

Bag by Panda Girl.

Spring Washing.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Monday, 31 March 2014

Sawing, Watering, Spring Face-Painting and a Dead Tree Stump

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day with cards and flowers from my babies, Mass on a sunny morning, I spent an hour weeding and planting flowers at my Dad's grave and then we all spent the afternoon in the garden together, an hour at the pub and park, and finally pizza in the garden in the evening.  Perfect :)

The Boy and Papa sawed the trellis in half.  

...and watered the raspberry patch.

This morning we were back to work, although it was too sunny and fresh outside to stay in for long.

Ballet Girl did some investigation work into the head, thorax and abdomen of insects.

The Boy made these cute frogs...

...and the three youngest made these funny spring birds.

The Boy and Monkey Girl made caterpillars...

...and when we put then next to the birds it was quite obvious that both the blue birds were HUNGRY for caterpillars.

Face-painting.  Because we can!

Mummy gave the old rotten tree stump a push and thump it finally gave up the ghost.  It was buzzing with insects and so we have moved it to another part of the garden where it can be safely investigated for bugs whenever the kiddies feel like it.

The Boy has spent a long time these past few days playing with the bee display.  Learning all the time :)

I set him out some egg pairing to do...

...and also some caterpillar craft.  The circles actually have letters on them and he used them today to spell out his name and surname.

Bug fishing.

Ballet Girl's Web of Life

Spring-related Spanish flash vocabulary cards

Ballet Girl did some lovely work today while Monkey Girl mostly read.  I find books scattered all over the house, all the time.  If she's not with the others we all know she's caught up in a book somewhere in the vicinity.