Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Pioneers and Prairie Schooners

The cheapest way of reaching the West, with its fertile farming lands, the discovery of gold and promises of a better life, was by wagon train.

This great clip started our day.

We built our own prairie schooner...

 and packed for the 2000 mile, 6 month journey from Missouri to Oregon along the Oregon Trail.

Packing eggs and valuable crockery in barrels of cornmeal prevented damage on the rough tracks.

 And we're off..

Most people walked alongside the wagons as it was far too bumpy to sit inside.  But it's always worth a go anyway!

We listened to birds singing and the sound of horses trotting to help the imagination.

We learnt that to water-proof the wooden wagons when crossing rivers, the pioneers would use a wax paste made of wax and ashes mixed together.  We gave it a go and waterproofed a stick.