Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vegetable Skeletons and Plasticine Digestive Systems

Body books from the library

Cleaning teeth (sand and paintbrushes!)

Matching words and pictures.

Swimming and gymnastics lessons.

Learning about blood pressure and resting heart rates.

Snack time this morning was made a little more fun by...

...making vegetable skeletons!

The two eldest measured the lengths of the small and large intestines

The small intestine is 23 feet long!

We used a sandwich bag, bread and water to mimic the stomach and how it breaks down food with acid.  It was a pretty revolting experiment and I don't think we are ever going to be able to look at sandwich bags the same way again!

The two littlies played some games on the internet about muscles and skeletons, teeth and eating and also about the cardiovascular system.

...and they all made models of the cardiovascular system and digestive system.

In our history we have arrived at Elizabeth I's reign.  The kiddies drew some great pictures to add to our growing timeline.

In our Music History we learnt about Sergei Prokofiev and his composition for children, Peter and the Wolf.  We watched an orchestra play the story and watched how the strings represented Peter, the clarinet represented the cat, the flute: the bird, Grandpa was the bassoon and the wolf was the big bass drum.

Then we created out own musical story while I read The Gruffalo. They kiddies loved it and we all made a terrible racket!

Grandad's Veggie Patch (sown in honour of my Dad who died unexpectedly last year) has provided us with spinach.  The Boy picked some... Mummy could make tuna, cheese and spinach panninis.

After Panda Girl's Tap and Modern Dancing lessons this evening, Mummy and Panda Girl took the mouse and hamster outside and gave their houses a good scrub.  I'm ready for bed now!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Discovering Skeletons

First thing this morning the doctor's surgery was back in full swing.

I printed out some x-rays for further exploration and play.

The Boy and I talked about our five senses and he used his sense of sight to draw things he could see under a magnifying glass.  We noticed that a leaf had little brown dots so...

...we used a microscope and realised the little brown dots were...

tiny weeny insects!

Pasta skeletons

Making a skeleton.

Tracing and labelling a skeleton.

After our trip to the library our neighbour came round for a cup of tea and a visit to the doctor.

This evening, after hail and a huge downpour, the sun has come out - perfect for my two eldest to go boating on the lakes.

Monday, 12 May 2014

The Human Body

 Mixing and matching our units keeps the kiddlets on their toes - and me!  We're steering away from History and heading into Biology this week.

Books from our bookcase.

 This subject is a fun one for me as I am a Personal Trainer by career.  I dug out some of my workbooks for my studies from way back when and the children have browsed through them.  They are covered in my scribbles and also love hearts for my then boyfriend - who is now my husband and the kiddies' Papa. Ha!

I had a relaxing morning while the children worked through workbooks I made for them last night.  Appropriate for their ages and current level of learning, they covered basic anatomy and the body systems.

Big sisters are for helping. :)


I found some brilliant doctor forms on the net complete with prescription forms...

...and we set up a Doctor's Surgery in the Living Room

To break up the morning I used some old circuit training print outs and blasted some music while the kiddies beasted their quads or triceps or deltoids.  Cute and funny for us all when they started to feel the burn :)

For weekly exercise the three girls attend gymnastics, trampolining, tap, modern dance and ballet classes.  The two eldest also sail or kayak twice a week.  My Boy swims and attends gymnastics and trampolining classes.  He is hoping to join a football and/or rugby club next term. 

After lunch and outside play today various kiddies studied Spanish, Faith Work, Times Tables, Phonics, Script Writing and Maths.