Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Morning With Henri Matisse

One of my lovely friends is an artist.  She kindly spent the morning with mine and her kiddies teaching them all about Henri Matisse.

And they all made some amazing work in the style of Matisse!


Ballet Girl is another year older!  Happy Birthday my Darling!
Here is her Birthday Breakfast.

She woke up at 5am!  But I refuse to be alive until at least 7am so she had to wait for presents :)

My big Horrible Histories and Star Wars fan had some Star Wars Lego and a Yoda cake and Horrible History tickets at the theatre in July.  It's a hard life being loved!!
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Human Anatomy Thematic Unit

Our Human Anatomy Display

On our final day of our unit we talked about blood.  I mixed up a bowl of red food colouring and water and explained that actually blood under a microscope looks more like...

...this! The red skittles symbolised the red blood cells carrying nutrients and oxygen about the body; the white marshmallows symbolised white blood cells which are the body's soldiers and fight off infection; and the sesame seeds are the platelets which are the blood clotting parts of the blood.  

The kiddies completed their worksheets and lapbooks...

...we found a few more library books about the body...

...and experimented with art and parts of the body.  This one is Ballet Girl's.