Friday, 20 June 2014


Along with out thematic unit this week and our everyday school work we've been making the most of the sun:

Cutting elder flowers to make cordial.

Having a silly amount of fun hosing out the water table which we have turned into a pond in which to grow our tadpole...

...much to the children's delight, it now has legs!

Celebrating birthdays

Hanging out with uncles.

Being a fireman!

 Working hard

Our English Heritage membership came through so we spent a day exploring Wrest Park, rich in history and home of the De Grey family.

Our garden is beginning to produce some magic.

...and worms.

Using mint from the garden Panda Girl and The Boy made a potato and egg salad.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ballet Girl's Paris to Chartres 72 Mile Pilgrimage

Papa and Ballet Girl went to France for Pentecost to walk with 10 000 other pilgrims, the 3 day, 72 mile pilgrimage from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres.

Inspirational and wonderful but equally gruelling and exhausting, I have completed it six or seven times and as a mother sending off my eldest, albeit with Papa, to participate in such an event I spent most of the weekend pacing about waiting for news.

Because they are as amazing as each other they both completed the entire pilgrimage and I am proud to bursting point.  Here are a few of their photos, complete with bestest uncles and good friends.

A 4am start

Mass at Westminster Cathedral at 7am on Friday before the coach journey to Paris.

The White Cliffs of Dover

Friday evening after their arrival in France, ready for an early start on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning at 6am, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.

After Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral Ballet Girl and 10 000 other pilgrims began their pilgrimage to Chartres.

With 30 miles under their belts at the end of day one, 10 000 pilgrims set up camp for the night.

Day two starts at 5am.

Mass on day two.

Elodie found the heat her hardest challenge.

Uncle Anthony and a family friend.

Day Three
When you're only twelve and you've walked 60 mile already and it starts to rain, it is always pretty awesome to have uncles to hug.

72 miles later... Chartres Cathedral.

My wonderful daughter and the St. George's Flag.

Papa, despite some awful blisters, and Ballet Girl carried the St. Alban's banner into Chartres Cathedral for Mass.

The Crypt under the Cathedral.