Friday, 27 June 2014

Brazil 2014 Football World Cup and The Rainforest Thematic Unit!

Growing up with three brothers and a football loving Dad, it was quite hard not to fall in love with this game.  As a teenager I was a crazy fanatic but having mellowed (!) and owing to the fact that I do not own a TV I generally only watch international games now with my brothers.  This World Cup daunted me in that it would be the first without my Dad, who died unexpectedly last year, but various brothers rallied round and despite our miserable early exit, it remains a beautiful game to watch.

And so, it seemed inevitable that I would sneak it into our last thematic unit of the year!  We had a bit of fun with this unit: watching some matches, playing football in the garden, inventing our own sports, learning about Brazil and to compliment it all we also studied rainforests and animals from the tropics.

 Our research books

Lego Brazil flag.

The children designed their own sport.  They included rules, number of playing, diagrams of the pitch/court etc.  

Ballet Girl did a project on the computer about crocodiles and alligators

And here's some of her Brazil fun stuff

Monkey Girl steered away from Brazil but stuck with the the rainforest theme and chose a project on orang-utans.

Here's her Brazil and football work :)

Panda Girl made a poster about poison-arrow tree frogs...

 ...and The Boy did some lovely football and Brazil worksheets.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Armed Forces Flag Raising Day, Strawberries and Working Like Papa

These two picked strawberries from our strawberry tub...

...while these three represented their Royal Marine and Sea Cadet Unit at the Armed Forces Flag Raising day at nearby barracks.

Greater Than and Smaller Than using sticks

Adding and subtracting with flowerpots...

...and watery paintbrushes.

Working from home with his oh so beloved Papa.

Chopping mushrooms...

...and chicken...

...and shelling peas from the garden... make a chicken stirfry

Fun with cousins...

...and time out with cousins.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Birthday Weekend

Monkey Girl had a spectacular, sunny birthday this weekend with friends visiting from Texas, pic-nics exciting presents, sunshine and her most favourite activity ever - pond-dipping!