Monday, 14 July 2014

Hello Summer Holidays!

After the delights of pleurisy and tonsillitis in the spring I began the summer with shingles.  Needless to say we packed up school early and started our holidays meaning I did a fair bit of nothing much while the kiddies soaked up some sunshine.  I'm on the mend now and hopefully will be able to contribute a little more to my children's day but as ever, they have created some brilliant imaginary games and helped with the housework while I re-grouped.

Here's a little of what we have been up to since my last post.

I created a Summer Pack for desk work if they fancied it and also a bunch of outdoor idea sheets courtesy of The Woodland Trust which I love mucho.

This wonderful son has had a week of daily jelly making.  He had no idea how jelly was made so we bought all sorts of flavours and made all sorts of jelly shapes, every day for a week.  This was our jelly on a plate lime blob!

My darling eldest watched Horrible Histories at the theatre with her friends.  She loved it and has been giggling and chatting about it ever since.

Big cousins showing little cousins the joys of...


This child reads from morning 'til night.  She is never without a book of some sort.  I have seen her read while brushing her teeth, balanced in a tree, in the car, walking around, putting her shoes on...  and if she can, she invariably holds the book with her feet.  I know.

My brother and the kiddies' wonderful and beloved Uncle Anthony is moving to USA this week where he is getting married and setting up home cross the pond.  We are very sad that he is leaving us but we had a fun leaving do for him.

Papa and The Boy made Monkey Girl's new bed.

The Boy requested some cooking time using a recipe from his favourite cook book.

He made delicious cheese melts.

Riding his bike without stabilisers!  Wow!  Where have all my babies gone??!

Butterfly Spotting Station

The two littlies used their insect and butterfly identification books to identify butterflies which were all over the buddleia this morning 

A walk in the sunshine this afternoon before trampolining lessons.

Lettuce from our Veggie Patch