Thursday, 24 July 2014

An Evening on the Lake, Hatfield House and Building Fort Magnificent!

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl went rowing with the Sea Cadets and Panda Girl and The Boy skipped bedtime to spend an evening at the lake watching them.  Having Royal Marine Sergeant Papa for your Papa can sometimes mean that even when you are too little to be a Sea Cadet you can still have a go on the powerboat.  Proud Mummy watched from the shore as her whole family rowed or power-boated around the lake :)

We spent a day at Hatfield House in the Adventure Playground and 25 acre Farm that is part of the estate.  It was hot and brilliant!

And we also spent a fantastic day at my sister's house building a box and tyre fort in the paddock.

Preparing for battle.

Ammunition for castle defence / attack.


Defending the castle from invasion.

...and relax :)

Friends for lunch.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Cookies and Regattas

With a sunny spell due we set up the paddling pool and a cafe in the garden.

The 30C heat gave way to thunderstorms and Papa spent time with two frightened daughters showing them the wonders of lightening and the magical sky it illuminates in the dark.

Ballet Girl packed her bags for the weekend and went on the Eastern Area Combined Regatta where she was coxswain for the District Junior Rowing Team.  Clever girl!

While their big sister was out on the lakes, these three performed in a gymnastics display with their respective gym classes.  Mummy and Papa had a proud week end!

Panda Girl had her Grade One Tap Dancing exam this week.

Panda Girl planted potatoes in the spring and we dug them up yesterday for lunch!

And Monkey Girl made delicious cocoa shortbread cookies this morning.  Yum!