Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Soldier School and a Den in the Woods

Our local library is one of our favourite places.  Over the summer it's holding all sorts of activities and we are booked into a whole bunch of them!

Star Wars and popcorn.

Cars and Power Rangers

Panda Girl helped out on a friend's shopping expedition and was rewarded with ice cream.  Yay!

We spent a great day catching up with friends from the Caribbean.

And there was reading.  Lots of reading.

My Dad's Birthday was this week.  His grave is blossoming with beautiful flowers and I added a vase full from my garden.  Happy Heavenly Birthday, Daddy :)

We all spent a fun afternoon at two 40th Birthday Parties one after the other at the same venue...

...meaning this little man spent SEVEN hours on the bouncy castle....

...and the girls got to hang out a make loom bands with their friends.

Yesterday the children attended Soldier School at a nearby stately home.  They practised rifle drill, spent HOURS on the assault courses and checked out the nurses' station which had some incredible artefacts from WW1.

Washing out the bin for Mummy.  Good boy.

Hot, sunny afternoons are for playing in the woods with friends :)