Monday, 11 August 2014

A Beach Break

On Saturday we seized the day and went to our favourite beach.

The Boy made a speedboat.

Monkey Girl spent the whole day looking for creatures.  Her favourite pastime!

Mummy had a go in the speedboat...

...unfortunately it was much too fast for Mummy.


Showing Uncle T his haul of shrimps.  

Good job!

This one needs books and nets and she's set for life :)

Ballet Girl and Uncle T 

Uncles are for saving nieces from sharks in shallow water.

Bestest Papa.

I love my man.

Fish and chips watching the tide come in.  Perfect.

Holiday Club Mayhem and Sit Down Time

The kiddies spent five mornings last week at Holiday Club.  It felt WEIRD leaving them there - I almost skipped to my car!  Love y'all kiddies - but, wow:  Mummy time was fun!

They made some sweet craft as well as going bowling, singing songs, playing games and making friends.

Here're some of their creations from Holiday Club and also some library activities.