Friday, 29 August 2014

Mummy's Week Off! A Trip to USA for Uncle A's Wedding.

So, rather excitingly, I took a whole week off from Mummy-ing and went to Virginia and Washington DC for my brother A's wedding.  Here I am relaxing (RELAXING!!) with my littlest brother, T.

...more relaxing...

We visited my brother's University, Christendom College, where he met his fiancée five years ago.

I bumped into an old, long-lost friend whom I'd met in Argentina 17 years ago!  320 000 000 US citizens and it turns out my friend was the daughter of my brother's university professor! 

A trip into DC.

The White House

These two are getting married!

Wedding ready!

 A shout out to Noreen, blog-follower and fellow wedding party girl! ;)

Homeward bound with my lovely sister.