Saturday, 18 October 2014

Conkers, Safety Glasses and Frozen

We finished the week like this:

The Boy had a LOT of concentrated happy time with veneer from his Uncle T.  Please note use of important safety glasses ;)

The girls worked through their autonomous work (English)


The shop remains a hit and we even discovered that two of our pumpkins weight EXACTLY the same.  Which is cool.

Bestest Nanny Mo, Grammar Queen and Word Master came over and played editor to Ballet Girl's and Monkey Girl's book that they have written and illustrated themselves on Blurb.  Now it is edited we can get it printed!

In the afternoon we went to the library.

And visited miniature cousins for a conker hunt.

We completed our week with a Friday Night at the Movies watching Frozen and eating popcorn.  Perfect.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pumpkin Faces, Chicory and Bird Migration

Trying not to go bonkers inside the house all day after weeks of poorly children is no mean feat.  

Our crazy may have transferred itself a little into these pumpkin faces.

These two little ones...

...made leaf ripples...

...and tried their hand at modelling.

Monkey Girl made a squirrel and Panda Girl made a hedgehog pencil holder.

The Boy made a very prickly hedgehog.

We talked about harvest and how blessed we are to have food whenever we need it.

The two littlies also made abstract lego trees.

I asked Ballet Girl to write down some questions she would like to know the answer to regarding bird migration. She then researched to find her answers and created this lovely piece of work to show her findings.

Monkey Girl couldn't focus this morning so she drank a glass of water to hydrate and went for a stroll in the garden to clear her head.  She came back in after a while and did some autumn alliterations and then some sculpting.  And this is why we love homeschool :)

Panda Girl made a tomato and chicory salad to help Mummy make lunch.

And after lunch The Boy weighed and sold a few veggies in his Pumpkin Patch Farmshop.

 These three worked silently for two hours this afternoon on Spanish, Maths, Faith Work, Geography and History.  Good girls.

This evening Papa helped with lifts for Panda Girl's Tap and Modern Dancing and Ballet Girl bravely attempted Sea Cadets tonight with Monkey Girl after over two weeks of being poorly.

My Darling Boy's asthma and chest infection have made him miss trampolining, football, gym and a playdate with his best friend this week. Hoping for the weather to stay mild and the antibiotics to do their job, before this Mama gets craaazy cabin fever. :)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Bear Cave

The Boy's chesty cough has developed into a chest infection so our rest days continue.

I made him a bear cave so he could hibernate.

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl finished writing and illustrating their book on Blurb - about a tiny mouse in search of The Golden Acorn.  Editing next and then it will be ready to order! 

Panda Girl wrote an Autumn Potion poem

Harvest and Hedgehogs

Monkey Girl made a cool flower before dinner.

And Ballet Girl finished the first Redwall book.  Mossflower next!

Two evenings in a row with Papa home before bedtime!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Asthma and Hedgehogs

Coughing and Spluttering.  That is how we are rolling this week. 

The Boy's asthma is bad too so we are all having not much sleep.  However, despite staying in his jimmy jammies all day, he still requested work time this morning. Cute :)

He made a blow-paint autumn tree...

...thought about what he could hear, see, feel, taste and smell in Autumn (apparently he tastes fish fingers in autumn)...

...drew some cute autumn images...

..and we used the nature basket to find all sorts of shiny, slimey, flat, dead, delicate etc things in nature.

Panda Girl is NOT coughing or spluttering, but is instead, being extremely cute and happy.  She worked hard on her work today.

She learnt about word contractions - all written on pumpkins for the autumn theme - of course!

Panda Girl also started some fraction work, which up until now, she has failed to grasp.  She did a great job today!


And Spanish, where we talked about pronouns and not really using them in Spanish conversation :)

Meanwhile, Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl are making an autumnal story in the form of a self-published Blurb book!  We talked about pricing, layout, story-lines, structure, design and collaborative work.  They decided that Ballet Girl would write the majority of the story and Monkey Girl would illustrate.  

The Boy spent the afternoon resting.

Hibernating hedgehogs.

Pick-Up Sticks with a favourite Papa, before bedtime.