Thursday, 6 November 2014


 Herbs and spices!  Following on from our Greek food day yesterday we learnt how The Ancient Greeks traded with spices and how they not only seasoned their food with home-grown herbs and spices but also imported aromatic ones from the Far East.

 The children began by smelling spices I had put in Petri dishes (thanks Emma!) using the original jars to identify them..

They then spent the ENTIRE morning bartering for spices.  It turned into a proper market with loud demands, refusals, agreements, price increases and much hilarity.  At one point Panda Girl appeared to have most of the spices in exchange for cinnamon which The Boy was almost hysterical about owning.

Ballet Girl gave each spice a Greek label.

Having spent WEEKS indoors with poorly children we finally ALL managed to be well at the same time.  In celebration we went for a chilly lunchtime walk - and nobody coughed!

In the afternoon The Boy finished his reading book.

Panda Girl spent an hour on her Mapwork.

Ballet Girl worked on her Science.

Monkey Girl got creative with seating arrangements to study geography.

The Boy did some lovely Spanish work.

And took his first look into the world of tens and units.

Panda Girl had three Tap and Modern classes this evening and Monkey Girl spent the rest of the day at a friend's house before zipping off to Sea Cadets with Ballet Girl and this wonderful Papa.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Please Slouch at the Table

We had a fun slouchy morning being Ancient Greeks eating Greek food at a low table.  I guess the word is 'recline' but the kiddies were very pleased when I told them to slouch, rather than not slouch.

We tried different Greek food and had a great chat about it all from our slouchy positions.

The Boy wasn't massively impressed with any of the food, especially the cod roe dip.  He mostly ate grapes.

Our map of Ancient Greece

This afternoon the children worked on Faith Work, Maths, English and Nature Study and we finished the day off with Modern Dancing and Tap Dancing for two kiddies and Gym for all four.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Two Trojan Horses, 9 Goals and a Vole

This morning the two youngest and I took our elderly neighbour to a hospital appointment. They were so well behaved and chatty with the other patients in the waiting room.  I was very proud.  

The two eldest stayed at home, made a Trojan Horse, wrote a story and drew a poster for the RSPCA.

After lunch, Monkey Girl found an injured vole.

She made a warm nest for it, with the help of her siblings.

And used a cotton wool bud dipped in warm salty water to clean its wound.

After leaving it to rest with food and water for the rest of the afternoon, she released it back into the field. Good girl!

This little dude had a mini football match during training today and his team won 9-0.  Oh, and guess who scored ALL the goals..!

Today also included Science, English, Grade 3 Ballet for Panda Girl and Intermediate Foundation Ballet for Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Ancient Greece and the 2500 Year Old Parthenon

Ancient Greece!

We have not covered this topic before so it's exciting for all of us!

We briefly read about the Stone Age and The Bronze Age in Greece, commencing 40 000 years ago.  We moved swiftly onto Minoans and Myceaneans before settling on the Classical Period of 500BC -336BC.

Our first point of call was the Acropolis.

 The children watched a great documentary about the Parthenon...

(at lunch we discussed the documentary and the children were as amazed as I was to learn that the craftsmanship of the pillars was so extraordinarily well done and airtight that upon separating two parts of a pillar, renovators discovered a wooden peg which was in such perfect condition that it still smelt of fresh wood - 2500 years later!)

...while I made a dough base which was the only thing I could come up with to stand...

...tubes in... make our own Parthenon.

Monkey Girl created the roof.

Ballet Girl made the statue of Athena to whom the Temple was dedicated.

The Boy made The Erechtheum Temple which was made in honour of a mythical Myceanean King

And Panda Girl made Athena's Olive Tree which stands in the courtyard of the Erechtheum Temple

Our Acropolis

Before lunch The Boy became a Greek slave and rinsed and perfumed everyone's feet.  Everyone found it tickly and hysterical.

Fresh air and leaves.

After lunch the children worked hard on Poetry...

Monkey Girl chose a poem to analyse.  She noted that it was lyrical with a rhyme scheme of A,B,C,B and that A was Trochaic and B,C,B were Iambic.


...and Nature Study and Spanish.  We had a phone call to say Trampolining lessons were cancelled which was disappointing but Ballet Girl made dinner and then the two eldest went to Sea Cadets, boots sparkling, ready for their monthly Ceremonial.