Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Also in the News!

Ballet Girl passed her Sea Cadet Navigation module for her Seamanship qualification at the Multi Activity Cadet Training weekend.  Good Girl!

She also got her first pointe shoes last week! I'm so proud of you Sweetie!

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl's book arrived in the post!  An autumnal story aimed at younger children, Ballet Girl wrote it, Monkey Girl illustrated it, Nanny Mo edited it and we had it published it with Blurb.com.

For Sparta!

After a day of learning about Athens, we spent the morning learning about Sparta.

Primarily a state of soldiers, Sparta was the best in the war business. The Boy designed his own shield, helmet and body armour.

He did such a super job!

Monkey Girl designed her own Spartan Soldier outfit too and looked brilliant!

Panda Girl made some iron bars which the Spartans used for money instead of coins, to stop hoarding and prevent trading with other Greek city-states.

She then set up her own weaponry store and sold weapons to the Spartan soldiers...

 She sold all her weapons and made lots of... iron bars!

Everyone spent time on this great Ancient Greek site

...leaving the afternoon free for English...

...Nature Study, Handwriting and Science.

Tuesday afternoons are also for:

The Boy - Football
Panda Girl - Grade 3 Ballet
Monkey Girl - Inter Foundation Ballet
Ballet Girl - Inter Foundation Ballet