Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Spectacular November Day

Today Papa was on a Safety Boat Training course and Ballet Girl was in London visiting HMS St. Albans.  Amazing!

So the rest of us mooched about in the morning and spent the afternoon in the beautiful November sunshine at an English Heritage site.

We spotted a few animals in the trees including a panda...




 ...and a couple of sloths...

This week is National Tree Week.  We love trees.

And we also love leaf fights.

The spotting of a HUGE puddle.

Taking it in turns to wear Mummy's welly boots.

Home as the sun went down in time to make popcorn and dried cranberry Christmas decorations.  This is the life!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Filo Pastry Pie

Ancient Greece!  We finished our Ancient Greek project this week.  

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl continued working on their Ancient Greek lap books.

The Boy requested to make this from his most beloved cook book.  The thing is, because I am wrapped around his little finger, I can't say no to that sort of request... he and Panda Girl spent the morning making it.

I thought it was delicious, although the kiddies weren't so sure.

With the spare filo pastry The Boy and Panda Girl used cinnamon and honey... design their own sweet treats.

Post-lunch outside play in the fog.

Panda Girl has worked her socks off finishing her Faith Study book.  She has done a super job all the way through.  Good girl :)  

The Boy also finished his Science book today.  Go kiddoes!

Wednesdays are also for Maths, Nature Study, Tap Dancing, Modern Dancing, and three hours of Gym.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ancient Greek Lap Books and Family Trees

This morning the children made some super lap books!  I printed out one for the eldest two but made my own version for the two youngest, to consolidate everything they have learnt over the past two weeks.

Here is The Boy's lovely work :)

This one is Panda Girl's.  I love it :)

Ballet Girl made a great start on hers.

As did Monkey Girl.

The two eldest made beautiful Greek god family trees.

Panda Girl made Icarus.

And The Boy made an awesome book about The Trojan Horse.

The soldiers could not get into Troy.

 So they came up with a plan to build a wooden horse in which they could hide.

The Trojans dragged the horse into the city and the soldiers peered out.

They crept out and opened the gates to let in the other soldiers.

And Troy was captured at last!

We also did some Spanish...


...Science,  English, Trampolining, Football and Ballet