Monday, 29 December 2014

Frost Sledging!

The kiddies have been SO desperate for snow seeing as we were inundated with it two winters ago but didn't even see a snowflake last year! 

So, instead of waiting any longer, we went sledging in the morning frost on a hill behind our house.

It was crisp and beautiful and FUN.

Happy Christmas!

This year Nanny M, Uncle A, and Uncle T  came to spend Christmas with us.

We spent two days playing Articulate, Balderdash, Twister, Snap, Pick-Up-Sticks, Rummikub, Charades, and Polytesque.   

Christmas carols

A fresh, fresh air with cousins :)

The kiddies received some splendid gifts...

...Panda Girl got herself a Bath Bomb Factory...

The house smelt luxurious for days!

...Monkey Girl received a Chemistry Set...

...Ballet Girl got a Forensics Set (and a Harry Potter hoodie!).

...and a rather huge hit was a sewing machine from Father Christmas...

Sleeping bags and a pillow for bestest Blankey 

Blue sky and wind turbines

A Star Wars evening with Uncle T