Friday, 9 January 2015

Homes and 'Wicked'

 We worked our little socks off today! My baby Royal Marine did some cute work about homes and houses as our home was built in 1911, which is in the decade we are studying for our 20th Century unit.

He did a tangram puzzle, worked on consonants, letter forming and rhyming words.

This fidget needs to move about when she's working.  I love her :)

The two of them made some cute houses.

The two eldest had some multiple choice work for World War I, learning more advanced words and understanding military terms.

This afternoon we read two chapters from our favourite history book.

 Following the beheading of King Charles I, Prince Charles his son, escaped and hid in an oak tree, before eventually fleeing to France; meaning Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector and the country became a Commonwealth.

The kiddies also worked on their Spanish, English and Handwriting, 

And I'm finishing the week with an evening out with a bunch of my siblings and then a trip to the theatre with friends to see Wicked tomorrow. Yay!

Ballet Girl is spending the weekend at Sea Cadets  for her Continuity Drill Training practice for the Area Competition and also working towards her First Class promotion...

...and Monkey Girl, Panda Girl and The Boy have a cousins get together, Lego at the library and a play-date to look forward to this weekend.