Thursday, 8 January 2015

World War I Trench Cake

In our 20th Century Unit study we have arrived at World War I.  Panda Girl and The Boy made a Trench Cake which was a fruit cake made from simple, cheap ingredients, that friends and family would have sent the soldiers in the trenches on the front line.

It was tasty, all things considered.  I have taught my children a recipe for a cake that my grandmother used to make which is similar to the Trench Cake.  I wonder if its origins were in the Trench Cake.

All four children wrote a letter each to a solider in our armed forces which we will send this week

And each spent some time on some World War I resources, available on the BBC School site.

This afternoon the children worked on Map Work, Science, English, Geography, Story-Writing...

...and Spanish.  We finished at 4pm.  Phew!

There were lots of play-dough breaks.

And then it all got very artistic and we had to cook the play-dough to harden it into these masterpieces.

Finishing with Sea Cadets tonight for the two eldest and their Papa.