Friday, 6 November 2015

Tree Fun and Bonfire Night Pancakes

Today we learnt some cool facts about trees.

It takes 50 leaves to grown one apple on a tree. An apple tree will grow between 10,000 and 15,000 apples in its lifetime. In the US, in colonial times, apples were called 'winter bananas' or 'melt-in-the-mouths'.

Harry Potter's wand is made from holly tree wood! Holly berries are a useful source of energy for birds in the winter, but are poisonous to humans.

We watched a cool video maple tree tapping on a family run farm in Canada.

We tried maple syrup while we watched it. Because you have to do that sort of thing.

Rowan trees have compound leaves with one leaflet at the top. In the US they are known as mountain ash. We have a rowan in our garden and the birds love its berries.

For centuries oak trees were used to build ships. Grey squirrels help with the distribution of acorns and oak growth success because they store individual acorns in numerous places, often forgetting where in the process. The acorns grow into seedlings and the oak tree from which they came has successfully reproduced. Red squirrels, however, store all their acorns in a pile, causing them to dry our and have less chance of sprouting. Conclusion: grey squirrels are better for oak trees.

This evening my two big girls had three ballet classes followed by a talent show at youth club.
 And these two littlies went with Papa (who was marshalling) to watch the fireworks.

Mummy chauffeured the ballet girls and made pancakes with maple syrup for post-firework yumminess. Pancakes after bonfire night has become a family tradition. No rest for the wicked!