Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lego Venice and A Field Lacking in Snowmen

A week of EU work.  

The two youngest made Venice out of Lego.  Water and Lego is a hit!

It was played with all week.

Wales and Scotland work for the two littlies.

Continuing their EU code-breaking work, the two eldest made a water filter and discussed EU water regulations.

Also this week:


Learning symmetry with a pretty wonderful older sister.

Nature Study

Faith Study



Learning in the living room where the heater was on full blast.

Monkey Girl's new book arrived in the library and she read it in two days.

A trip to the opticians.

The Boy was sick for two days.  Lots of bed rest and Mummy cuddles.

We made our poorly boy a snug for reading...

...and he made some cute rules for it. 
"There are two rules for The Snug and they are: Don't bring toys in and don't mess it up."

Ballet Girl made Panda Girl a cool panda t-shirt using the sewing machine.

Lots of Dance and Gym happened.

The Boy spotted a bird on the side of the road and wanted to identify it.

Hot chocolate on a Saturday.

And a walk with bestest Papa.

Our snowmen have gone!