Monday, 2 March 2015

My Dancers

I love my daughters.  Mucho, mucho.

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl have five dance lessons each a week:
Junior Associates Ballet
Inter Foundation Ballet
Grade 4 Ballet
Grade 2 Tap Dancing
Grade 2 Modern Dancing

Panda Girl has three classes a week:
Grade 3 Ballet
Grade 1 Tap Dancing
Grade 1 Modern Dancing

Although they have been preparing for months for this year's dance show, full rehearsals began last week with the girls participating for a total of 17 hours.

They had three shows over the weekend, dancing 45 dances between the three of them over all three shows.

They were finally home at 10pm on Sunday night...

...and needless to say they were exhausted today so we had a rather fun Lego & pyjama day.