Friday, 27 March 2015


We've had a few preparatory weeks for Easter and the children have done some cute, work ready to countdown through Holy Week.

Wildlife Mix and Pain au Chocolat

The two big girls did a smashing job weeding and preparing the trellis flowerbed while The Boy visited the asthma nurse for his yearly review.

We chose a wildlife mix for this flowerbed and I can't WAIT to see how it turns out!

An hour later it was ready for seed sprinkling.

We sowed lettuce, carrots and spinach in Grandad's Veggie Patch

Making pain au chocolat.


And a visit to the library.

Also this week, the girls had a unit review at Sea Cadets, The Boy had his last football training session inside, before he goes onto grass after Easter, and three gym classes and thirteen dance classes happened.

Easter break here we come :)

Pink Mix and Blue Mix

Our next step was weeding and raking the rose flowerbed and sowing a pink flower mix.

We chose a blue flower mix for the flowerbed close to the house.

In the afternoon the children sowed violas and sweetpeas to start growing indoors.

Marigolds and onions.

And a super giant pumpkin to harvest in October.

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Day in the Garden

Spring has sprung!  There's no doubt about it. It's late March and the daffodils are in full bloom - hooray!

Before our Easter break we are spending a week in the garden preparing the flower beds and vegetables patches, and also sowing some seeds to grow inside until the weather becomes warmer.

We started our official mini-vegetable patch two years ago after my Father died in 2013.  He had planned to concentrate on growing fruit and vegetables in his retirement but he died three months before he planned to retire. I still feel pretty devastated about the whole thing and I suppose this is a way to mourn and honour his memory. Rest in peace, Daddy.

We also turned over the strawberry patch and weeded the flower beds.

Panda Girl did a super job preparing the raspberry patch.

After lunch The Boy planted mini-sunflower seeds.

And we sowed 25 courgette seeds, 5 cucumber seeds and 8 calandrinia seeds.

A cress garden.

Then Trampolining lessons, a Science lesson with Papa and Cadets for the two eldest.