Sunday, 19 April 2015

Geology Thematic Unit


Our new thematic unit comes with a new shade of fireplace. Because that is how I roll.

We started our unit with an experiment to gain a basic understanding of the the cycle of the three main rocks to be found on and in our planet.

Sediments (crayon shavings)...

...under pressure...

...make sedimentary rocks.

Sedimentary rocks under extreme pressure...

...become metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphic rocks heated become igneous rocks.

The Boy chose a selection of rocks to roll on a slope.  He timed each one.

Ballet Girl weighed and compared rocks.

They completed some super work.

The Boy experimented with vinegar and rocks to see which contained Calcium Carbonate. 

 Those that did, fizzed and let off tiny CO2 bubbles.

Floating and sinking hypothesising and experimenting,

Identifying our collection of semi-precious stones.

Learning about rocks.

Using oats, sultanas, syrup, butter and honey as sediments for sedimentary rocks... make metamorphic rocks/flapjacks under heat.

Using playdough and a straw to understand how layers form.

The Boy designed a machine strong enough to withstand extreme heat and able to explore below the Earth's crust.

Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays allowed the kiddies to gather their wits after a busy term full of activities. In Mummy terms it gave me time to catch up on housework and finish preparing the garden for Spring.

My favourite Cadet people.

My baby Robin Hood.

Two weeks worth of books read by Monkey Girl, AKA Bookworm.


Ballet Girl spent the weekend on an Adventure Training Course with the Cadets.

My cousin paid us a visit.

The Boy had a Bonfire Birthday Party which he shared with two cousins and an uncle.

 Topping up the bird feeders.

Cooking in his new pirate chef outfit. How happy can one little boy be?!

 I spent many many days over the holidays in charge of ten children or more. Fun for the kiddies!

We've been brightening up our house.

Making bread.


Fixing a patchy lawn.

Rummikub.  Best game ever.

Mud pies and sand cookies.

Learning about rabbits and hares at the Forest Centre.

Our sweet pea seeds have grown!

Victoria Sponge

Superhero club.

Hanging out with friends.

Watching the herons in their nest.

Replanting the pumpkin seedlings into bigger pots. 

Playing Chopin to the seedlings to make them grow!

Following instructions to make Panda Girl's new bed.

Ice cream parlour with cardboard cones and shaving cream.