Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer is Here!

Strawberries and raspberries - all homegrown. We've managed to pick a bowl or two from our strawberry patch and raspberry bushes, every day for the last month. I'm super proud of this and we've made some yummy smoothies with our garden fruit, with a little help from the grocery department.

One cool ice lolly made by The Boy.

Birthday parties for the cousins.


Cooking and baking...

My pirates.

'Taking a picture' without a camera.

The Boy asked if he could dissect a dead bumblebee he'd found so he could study its innards. Ok then!

Here are some of the flowers we grew from seeds earlier this year:

Pond dipping. An ever-favourite way to spend the afternoon.

The Wimbledon Final in the pub, with chips. Perfect.

Badminton with Nanny. <3

A miniature project on coasts, following on from our holiday in Cornwall.

A beautiful Week in Cornwall

We had a smashing week in Cornwall. We stayed in a beautiful Methodist chapel and spent all our days at the beach.

Monkey Girl celebrated her Birthday on our first day there!

Birthday Girl/Monkey Girl is a HUGE Famous Five fan and so we celebrated her day on the beach, in a cove, with humbugs and ginger beer for snack, and cucumber sandwiches for pic-nic. Perfect!

A perfect week with my wonderful family.