Saturday, 8 August 2015

Holiday Club and Free Time for Mummy!

These three went to holiday club every morning this week.

They made some cool stuff, sang, danced, made new friends, played crazy games and Monkey Girl even got to go out bowling and spent a morning at Laser Quest. 

It meant I had three hours a day to myself to collate and file our year's worth of school work, order their new books and empty and sort all the craft cupboards. Hoorah for free time :)

New desk lamps for the classroom.

We spent the afternoons hanging out with friends.

Panda Girl made a new peg bag for Nanny.

Clever girl!

Pond dipping with friends.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hanging About in Forests and Squeezing into Trees

Our holidays continue...

Badminton, because why not?

The rain won't stop our play! Or at least Mummy won't let the rain stop her from asking us to go out and play..

Watching the tractor cut the field.

Bright Sparks week at Bletchley Park: problem solving and code cracking at the WWII home of the codebreakers.

We were the only takers for one spy class so the children had two teachers between them.

Activities at the library.

Book sculptures :)

 Making a home for our new guinea pigs!

The guinea pigs are a birthday gift for this beautiful girl.

Den-building in the forest, with friends.

Camping in the garden.