Thursday, 24 September 2015

Viking Longboats and Viking Food. Yumma!

We watched an incredible video of the making of a longship. Inspired, we made our own.

Viking food! We made a delicious honey roast chicken meal.

With yummy viking bread.

Monday, 21 September 2015

A New Era for my Eldest

This brilliant girl started an American High School Diploma today. We are not going down the G.C.S.E. route, but, designed for homeschoolers, the course will take her through the next five years. It looks excellent and I am excited for this learning opportunity. She worked diligently and with a smile today. Here's to you, Sweetie. xxxx

Danelaw and Viking Facts

The kiddies learnt how Anglo Saxon England was divided into a number of kingdoms which the vikings invaded with much success. King Alfred of Wessex however successfully defended his land again and again, eventually making peace and creating the kingdom of Danelaw for the vikings. Before the vikings could break the peace deal, Alfred built a number of fortified towns along the border and he became known as Alfred the Great.

Viking helmets didn't have horns! But they do look cool!

Viking stickers

Making longhouses for the settlement.

Viking playdough fun.