Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lily Pads in the Amazon River and Tin Foil Meanderings

The kiddies painted a 2.5 diameter circle as requested by Mummy, but without knowing the reason why.

The were bemused but amused :)

We totally ran out of paint but they didn't care when I told them the green circle they had just painted is the size a lily pad in the Amazon River. 

Making a tin foil river. The children loved this and played with it on and off all day.
They learnt and understood the words: meandering and deposition.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Rivers and Lakes Thematic Unit

Today we started a new project on rivers and lakes.

The study of rivers and lakes is called limnology and so the kiddies made themselves limnologist identity cards. 

They used this great diagram...

...to make collages.

Locating rivers of the world.

Panda girl researched about Amazon river dolphins

And The Boy drew a life size kingfisher. Love!

Also in September

Circuit fun

Ballet Girl studying hard

 Fresh air!




Feeding the birds

En pointe


Ozzy playdough


Dawn 'til Dusk
My two big girls spent 12 hours on the lake for a fundraising challenge. *Proud!*

And my two littlies went to see Mister Maker at the theatre!!


Rugby with bestest Papa