Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Science of a Pond Skater, Water Cycles, Cumulus Clouds and Water Lap Books

The kiddies filled glasses of water with marbles to get the water to fill right to the top. 
We noticed that the height of the water exceeded the level of the glass by a few millimeters before it dripped down the side. This is called the skin of the water or surface tension. 

Paperclips sink but if they are placed carefully on top of water they will float because they do not break the surface tension.

We discovered that the same principal applies to drawing pins.

This is the science of the pond skater.

We made our own water cycle. Hot water (the sun shining on the sea) in the bottom of the bowl evaporated and condensed on the ice covered cling film (the sky). When the condensation fell it dripped (rained) into the empty cup (the land). Cool!

Illustrating the water cycle.

Water comes in three forms: solid, liquid and gas.

Worksheets for Monkey Girl.

Art - painting a cumulus cloud. 

Water Facts Lap Book, designed by Mummy :)