Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bread Turtles, a Pepper Octopus and Water Experiments

We ended our week last week with a fun morning making bread turtles and a pepper octopus in a tuna sea.

We began this week with some water facts and science experiments.

We filled a bowl with 5 litres of water which is how much a camel can store in its body.
We made onomatopoeic words/sounds with different size stones by dropping them into the water. 

Osmosis with coffee filter paper. This experiment showed how different colour compounds from felt tip pens are separated during the osmosis process.
Our neighbour joined us for this one!

A green felt tip pen has blue, green and yellow colour compounds!

A successful and addictive experiment!

We spent a morning learning about alligators:

The children weighed themselves and worked out how many of them it would take to weigh the same as the heaviest alligator on record (907kg)
They drew 80 teeth which is how many an alligator has.
They drew 50 eggs to show how many a female alligator lays.
They drew a life-size hatchling.
We took the temperature of the house and discussed how an alligator would not eat in our house as the temperature needs to be above 23C.
We timed 45 minutes which is how long an alligator can be actively under the water.
The children worked out how many of their steps equaled the length of the longest alligator on record (6m)
And we learnt about their double eyelids and how the word 'alligator' originates from the Spanish for lizard (el legarto).