Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Worksheets for a Quiet Morning, Stuffed Mushrooms and 7g Pipistrelle Bats

I made the kiddies some fun educational worksheets to consolidate their work so far.

The Boy's worksheets included literacy, a touch of maths and Autumn knowledge

Panda Girl's worksheets included Autumn knowledge and research tasks.

Monkey Girl's worksheets included a food web, Autumn knowledge and research tasks.

Autumn research books.

Ballet Girl continues to keep her head down in her study books

Weighing 7g of plasticine which is the how much a pipistrelle bat weighs.

The correct size and weight of pipistrelle bats. Cute!

Making a bat board game.

Land on B = bat disturbance  - go back 2 spaces
Land on M - moth, midges and mosquitoes - lots of energy! - move forward 2 spaces
Land on H = hibernation - miss a go. 
Land on a star - answer a question and have another go if you get the correct answer

Monkey Girl worked on bat worksheets

Following on from our fungus work we had portobello stuffed mushrooms for lunch.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

Husband and daughters representing the Cadet Corps on Remembrance Sunday.

Lest we forget