Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas With Our Extended Family. How Blessed We Are.

Mummy designated herself to set up a Christmas tree at a local Christmas Tree Festival, to represent the Boy's rugby club. Papa and all the kiddies helped and we came 3rd out of 65!

Monkey Girl represented the District as goalie for the cadets. She saved ALL the penalties in the semi final and they made it to the final. Good girl :) 

The girls represented their dance school in a tap dance performance.

And finally we got to chill.

Painting some furniture in preparation for Nanny's house move.

Cute Christmas Fayre craft!

The Boy won a coconut on the coconut shy. He ate half and hung half out for the birds.

Dark winter evenings are for running a pen shop.

Family movie night

Last match of the year

And The Boy won himself Player of the Week

Knocking down the barn for Nanny's extension

Star Wars! 

Mess Dinner

Christmas Assault Course

Look what arrived in the post for The Boy!

Table tennis fun

Almost Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve!

I love my children. Happy Christmas. x

Uncle A and Aunty L surprised us for Christmas - all the way from USA!

Ballet Girl realised she is the same height as Nanny and Aunty R!

Christmas dinner for 14 children...

...and 16 adults.


Wishing all my blog readers a Happy and Blessed 2016. 

Panda Girl has a Birthday!

Panda Girl is a whole year older. She's so cute and sweet and smiley and kind and so bonkers about Pandas - and we love her :)

We went our for a Birthday slice of cake and Batman joined us.

And Panda Girl had a craft-ful Birthday Party with her friends.

They made ginger bread people

And Christmas cards

And Christingles

And baubles.