Thursday, 25 February 2016

Star Constellations, Craters, Our Solar System and a Bit of Face Painting

The kiddies spent a while looking for the treasure I told them was hiding in the room.

They finally found the chocolate stars I'd hidden in the foil moon rocks. There was much squealing.

We started our astronomy work with the basics of our solar system.

This poster shows a million dots! We used it to gain some sort of perspective of the distances, quantities and sizes of space facts.

Space worksheets and hands on activities.

Making a planet with bubbles.

Flour with a covering of turmeric to represent a planet.

Understanding how craters are formed by meteorites,

We used this smashing book to learn about the 88 star constellations which cover our sky.

Making constellations in the understairs Secret Spy Lab, using a torch and card.

Using the idea of star constellations to learn about grid references.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Our new unit starts tomorrow. After a frantic past few days, I had a chilled out afternoon cutting out planets and florescent stars for tomorrow. 

I've also hidden a bunch of chocolate stars in foil  moon rocks. ;)

Expecting a small chocolate high if they find them :)

I'm hoping to learn along with the kiddies during this unit. Watch this space!

Half Term Happies

We've had a lovely, chilled, much-needed half term break.

Shrove Tuesday pancake flipping

Opticians - love this Boy

Animal Kid - love her :)


Hanging out with friends at an English Heritage Historical Artifact event. This was amazing - we got to go behind the scenes into the archives. The kiddies had a go at...

...reconstructing faces...

...coin rubbing (Roman coins, Saxon coins, WWII coins - so cool!)...

...artifact hunt and quiz...

...and a lot of running around.

We also went to a fossil discovery event.

...where the sky was just as blue.