Saturday, 16 April 2016

My Boy Goes to Edinburgh!

This amazing Boy is a big koala fan. He just finds them unbelievably cute. He was so delighted to hear that they had them in Edinburgh zoo where Panda Girl went to see the pandas for her birthday in 2014. So booking him a wee flight was only a matter of time.

We booked him a day return with Papa so: car, plane, bus, zoo, bus, plane, car. What a day!

His first flight was cancelled due to us all coming down with flu. But he made it second time round!

Boys' day out.

Easter Holidays - post flu recovery!

The Boy spent HOURS making these amazing spy gadgets.

English Heritage day out.

Newest / 15th cousin :)

Easter fun with cousins and friends

First Duke of Edinburgh training weekend

My amazing Boy being enrolled as Royal Marines Cadet Corps Mascot. 

Learning how to make shepherds pie

Birthday Party with the cousins

Lego downtime

Monkey Girl's sculpting

Aeroplane launching.

Also this Easter, Ballet Girl passed her Power Boat Level 2 course and Monkey Girl passed her British Canoe Union 1*