Thursday, 28 April 2016

Taming a Robin, The Beaker People and Wattle & Daub Farming Settlements

We've worked our way through to the Bronze Age.

Timeline of prehistory

As communities began to settle their houses changed. Rather than use animal hide shelters which could be packed up and transported during the hunter/gatherer years, they began to make permanent homes with wattle and daub walls and turf or thatched roofs. We made our own version of wattle and daub, minus the manure. :)

Britain was home to lynx, wolves and brown bears. Panda girl put them on the timeline under the years which historians think they died out.

The Boy made a woolly mammoth.

And animal finger puppets.

And the girls made Stone Age and Bronze Age people finger puppets.

Some interesting prehistoric printables.

We talked about Bronze Age burial hoards. Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin and the discovery was huge. We made a 'bronze' sword, arrowhead, jewellery and bowls.

We also learnt about the Beaker people who arrived in Britain from the continent. They made decorative pottery beakers.

Stone Age burial long mounds became Bronze Age burial barrows.

Bronze Age circular rock art. It's not easy to chisel a circle!

Understanding how bronze is made.

 And archaeology. This had to be done. It turned into hours, which turned into days and days of digging and exclamations and lots of animal bones and pottery and long nails. Cool!

Incredibly the children tamed a robin while they were digging. Tempting him with dozens of grubs they unearthed, he now sits on their hand and feeds off of it! Amazing!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Stone Age

This was the beginning of our prehistoric unit and it was fascinating.

Reading their new prehistoric books.

First stop: cave paintings

Spider diagrams to understand the basic differences between The Stone Age and The New Stone Age

Mummy's bullet points to help with the spider diagrams.

Monkey Girl is super in so many ways. One of these ways is the fact that she has a bone collection! It came into its own during our project!

Bone handle axes

Rabbit skull necklace!

Pelvis necklace. Hahaha!

Stone age visuals

Learning about and making Stone Henge

The Boy made a slate Stone Henge which he took in the understairs spy lab and experimented with his torch for a sunset and sunrise. 

We talked about where the light fell and the shadows he could see.

We mixed ash with oil to make a prehistoric paint.

The Boy made some more pastel cave paintings :)

Outside, reflecting on the sounds and sights that prehistoric man may have experienced.

Thinking about smells - wood smoke, fresh breezes and plants.

Thinking about how Stone Age man would have used the surroundings.

Noting their reflections. 

Role play

Designing the ideal Stone Age landscape: somewhere for hiding in the undergrowth for hunting, fresh water supply, shade, trees for shelter and firewood, land for grazing and farming.