Thursday, 5 May 2016

Celts and The Iron Age

We found some smashing books in the library to help us with our prehistory work. We learnt that the Celts spread from Austria, throughout northern Europe. The Boy was thrilled to contribute that the Celtic French were called Gauls. He loves Asterix and Obelix!

Understanding how communities formed, settled and functioned  throughout Britain.

Scottish Broch: a stone house with several floors.

 Our super cool artifact discoveries from our week-long garden dig were cleaned and classified.

I am in contact with several people in an attempt to date these amazing nails.

 A bunch of bones! 

And some incredible pottery. Good work kiddies!

Iron Age warrior with blue face paint (they made theirs from woad), colouring in a Celtic picture.

Iron Age oatcakes

We ate these with mashed swede and pork, something that would perhaps have been in the Iron Age diet? They were YUM!

Celtic colouring