Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A Birthday Stay in a Lighthouse on the Lizard Peninsula and an Incredible Trip to Tintagel

Our trip to Cornwall included a driving visit to Stone Henge

We stayed in a Lighthouse. It was a breathtakingly beautiful holiday.

I can't tell you how much I love these people.

There's our lighthouse. I'm not sure it can get more beautiful.

Searching for a Bronze Age settlement

Local artworks

My beautiful Ballet Girl had a birthday while we were there. We ate cake on the cliffs in the evening. 

It was perfect.

In the lighthouse museum

Cornish ice cream tasting session

My night time view from my window

Tintagel. This was mind-blowing. I loved this place!

Merlin's Cave

Pic nic lunch by The Haven, where traders have passed for over a thousand years.

13th Century fortress

A view of The Haven

Iron Age ruins - these are associated with King Arthur

Leaving a voicemail for Nanny at the top of Tintagel

Mummy and King Arthur

We found old coins rusted and wedge in the crevices in the rocks. The Boy added a 5p.

Holiday = perfect :)