Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Baroque, Classical and Romantic Composers

Our new term has started with a thematic unit on composers from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic music eras. The eras themselves are not set in stone but it is fascinating to see how some composers crossed over from one period into the other. Beethoven, for example, set out writing music in the classical style, but by the time he had written his Symphony No. 9, it is very clear to hear how his music by then was more in the Romantic style.

For this unit, the children are making a chronological scrap book of some of the main composers in each era.

It's interesting to see the geographical dimensions of the composers' lives too.

 Trying out manuscripts.

We started with the Baroque music period - I particularly love music from this era.

Vivaldi kick-started our scrap books.

Listening to his work, while we work.

We studied Bach on a particularly warm September day so the kiddies worked on some choreography to suit his music, while the neighbour and I looked on :)

Ludwig Van Beethoven's ancestors came from Holland. We tried Dutch waffles (to be softened on top of hot drinks) because Beethoven's ancestry was a good enough reason to do so :) 

More to come on this unit...

Finding Fossils!

Papa took the children on an afternoon trip with a paleontologist to search for fossils in a bed of Oxford clay. What a cool day! 

Learning about some local finds from the Jurassic period.

Off to find their own fossils!

Den Building, Surfing and Horse Riding

The day everybody else went back to school, the two littlies and I headed off to the woods to make a den. These are our 'back-to-school photos :D






Star gazing

And horse riding.