Tuesday, 18 October 2016

More Autumn

We had a fun morning making cool books about hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs need to be 600g in weight before they can successfully enter hibernation. 600g on the scales is a lot of foreign coins!

 We made a wormery so we could see their composting processes.

Our sunflowers ended their bloom so we picked them and used the seeds to fill the bird feeder.

We kept some to plant in the spring.

We had fun with pumpkins. Guesstimating and weighing.

Making silly faces

Learning pumpkin facts

And making a pumpkin scene.

The Boy roasted the pumpkin seeds and this year we tried them with sugar and cinnamon.

More lovely Autumn art

I love these - silver birches under beautiful skies.

Monkey Girl rescued a dragonfly caught in a cobweb. She did apologise to the spider for stealing its feast.

Making oat, cinnamon and raisin cookies.

Drawing pine cones with help from YouTube.

Tree posters, including leaf rubbings, bark rubbing and seed and leaf examples.

A few years ago we learnt a little about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival which, this year, was celebrated in September. We're a little late with it but the children enjoyed making lanterns...

...writing Chinese characters...

...Monkey Girl made this beautiful Double Happiness poster...

...and lantern...

...the two littlies made a simplified version of Chinese mooncakes...

...they watched a video about the Mid-Autumn Festival...

And we tried eating rice with chopsticks.

Mooncakes for dessert.

Panda Girl finished the week with some brilliant conker characters. :)