Saturday, 12 November 2016


This week we started a new thematic unit on Scandinavia. We haven't covered this area before, except during general European studies. It will cover geography, history, culture, art, bush craft, nature and geology.


We began with a Ray Mears documentary on bush craft in Sweden. The kiddies answered questions which I had prepared as they went along. Their feedback on the documentary was full of positives and a desire to watch more, learn more bushcraft, move to Sweden and hang out with huskies.

We began a unit book, similar to a lapbook, which we plan to fill with our work over the coming weeks.

The Dala horse is a Swedish traditional craft from the Dala region. We didn't realise we owned one and it's been sitting in the Native American box for years!

The kiddies made some smashing Dala horses of their own.

We ended one of our study mornings with a bit of fun making tiny snowflakes to go in reindeer pots. As you do. After which we made a tiny reindeer herd. North Sweden is known as Swedish Lapland where the Sami tend to huge reindeer herds.

We also made some lovely Swedish hearts...


...And the Northern lights in a beautiful Swedish landscape.

We had some silly time making reindeer out of footprints.

And we spent a whole morning learning about Swedish wildlife (elk, reindeer, sea eagles, hedgehogs, brown bears, ptarmigan, wolves and seals).

Measuring the wingspan of a sea eagle - 2.5m

We went on a Scandinavia book hunt at the library.

And The Boy did a little work on the Vikings

A Mini Unit on the Wild West

We used our second week of half term break to do a miniature project on the Wild West.

The kiddies spent the week making an amazing Wild West fort which would have been used as a garrison. We talked about Native Americans, The Wagon Trail, Texas, Cowboys and the Fort itself.

Here's the Boy putting in the last piece: The American flag.


In between and around our school work...

...The Boy learnt how to change a tyre.

...he made a cute plasticine dinosaur scene.

Monkey Girl's birthday gift finally happened - a trip to see Steve Backshall!

She got picked to ask him a question. She asked, "which animal has surprised you the most in terms of your own expectations?". He loved the question and his reply was parasites, for all the damage they do.

And then she met him!

There's been cooking...


...and birthday parties...

Panda Girl and The Boy went to a 'learning about dogs' activity at the library.

Making mini pizzas

Hanging out with friends

Sibling fun

Best friend fun

And Mummy found out she is expecting a baby girl!

The Boy, now the proud owner of four sisters, asked to buy his new baby sister a gift with his money.

Laser beams in the hallway.

A pinata by Monkey Girl

Chia seed bread by Monkey Girl

My daughters

My son

Bonfire night always ends with Mummy making pancakes.

Rugby matches

My girls had four ballet exams between them this month.

Board games

And much much much reading

This amazing girl is working solidly through her second year of her Diploma

And she's finished her very first book!!

We remembered Grandparents who fought in the World Wars.

Magic potion fun

A trip to the fire station for Panda Girl

Monkey Girl's Unarmed Drill Squad went through to Area after winning the District competition.

Pumpkin fun with cadets

Monkey Girl passed her Basic Piping Badge

Ballet Girl gained her Proficiency Piping Badge

Monkey Girl received her Unarmed Drill Winners Certificate from the Captain of the entire Sea Cadet Corps.

Panda Girl gained her Competent Crew badge

And poppy Selling for the Royal British Legion