Monday, 21 November 2016

Hilarious Norwegian Gnomes

Norway. Our third Scandinavian country. Its name derives from 'Nor-weg' which means 'North Men'.

We watched a fascinating documentary on the beautiful fjords of Norway. The children have Norwegian ancestry so this was particularly special. 

We made some ridiculous Norwegian gnomes because we home-school and we can do these things!

Like Sweden, Norway is also home to the brown bear.

Half of Norway is forest (The Boy loved this fact) and Lynx are predators of the North Norway forests.

The Boy noted this in his Scandinavian scrapbook and drew this amazing Lynx from a YouTube tutorial. Clever Boy!

Panda Girl's lynx is equally smashing.

And Monkey Girl put one of her many Deadly Sixty annuals to good use! I love it.