Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Around the World

Advent is here and this year we're going to focus on Christmas around the world.

We started with putting up the tree.

Each Advent we write down everything we're thankful for. It's so nice to look back on these.

And instead of Advent calendars this year, we are collecting one item of food per day of Advent to take to a local food bank.

Fun with old Christmas cards.

Cranberry and popcorn decorations for the tree.

The Boy began our study of Christmases around the world with a world map jigsaw.

We started with Russia and the Russian folktale of Baboushka - a Christmas story of her search for the Christ-child.

The kiddies made some beautiful pictures of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

We moved on to USA. Using this lovely book...

We read about a group of 49ers who spent Christmas in Death Valley.

We read the 12 Days of Christmas in Texas

And the children made some lovely water-colour horse paintings.

I found similar images on the internet but rather than drawing the horses freehand, the children traced horse images from a book.

They used rainbow colours and cut the horses out once they were dry. Sticking them on a clean card the kiddies added a flick of paint to represent the earth flicking up at the hooves.

Learning about Texas

Next stop: the Caribbean.

We read a poem about a Caribbean Christmas breeze...

...snacked on Caribbean inspired yumminess...

...dressed as Caribbean pirates

...and made some treasure maps.

They sealed them with wax

And Panda Girl used her new wax seal stamp.

Panda Girl's map of all the Caribbean Islands

Extra Stuff

Also this month...

The girls participated in their Cadet Unit's 50th Anniversary Parade and this amazing boy, mascot for the Royal Marines Detachment, joined in. I love him :)

These three achieved their second Blue Peter badges!

Smashing Christmas craft by The Boy

Christmas fun with the Cadets!

Panda Girl spent a night at The Natural History Museum -as you do!

My beautiful kiddies had a great day at The English National Ballet...

...commencing with a workshop with a teacher from the English National Ballet...

...and culminating in a performance of the ENB's Nutcracker. Awesome day.

I don't know...

Weekly library trip

A big family bonfire

Hanging out with this snuggly pig

Panda Girl won an English Heritage Competition - because she's super! She won herself a wax seal stamp which she designed herself.

Homemade mince pies

Working on our workbooks