Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas :)

My beautiful Panda Girl celebrated another Panda-ry birthday. She's super and kind and always smiling. I'm so blessed.

A delicious cake made by big sister, Monkey Girl.

And a tea party and birthday sleepover with friends. Happy Birthday, Darling!

Mince pie baking


Christmas baking

Jigsaw downtime

Hanging out with friends

The Boy helped Mummy have her tyre changed.

Cadets Mess Dinner

Ballet Girl won Royal Marines Cadet of the Year.

Monkey Girl was nominated for Most Promising Sea Cadet.

And Panda Girl was nominated for Junior Sea Cadet of the Year.

I'm so incredibly proud of these girls. 

 Christmas greetings from the Great British Bake Off Team

Lego from Father Christmas

Papas are totally for hanging out with and making things.

Happy Christmas! 
2017 and a new baby sister - here we come!

End of Term

Our term ended with a nasty virus, seeing The Boy in hospital and the rest of us wiped out for over a fortnight. We squeezed in two more Christmas Around the World days and then we broke up for Christmas.

The children made some lovely cards using art, poetry, stories and quotes about Christmas traditions in the UK and some from abroad

Swedish Christmas traditions

Santa Lucia's crown. Her Feast Day is celebrated on 13th December.

Following Swedish tradition...

...we took (ssshhh Italian panettone!) ahem - Swedish bread to Aunty G's house.