Friday, 6 January 2017

A Social History of the Victorians

We have studied the Victorians before but I thought this time we could study the social history of the era, focusing particularly on Victorian children.

To start with the children did some research on Queen Victoria. Her reign was the longest of all British monarchs at 23,226 days -  before Queen Elizabeth II overtook her in September 2015. 
Following this idea, the children worked out how many days they have been alive. Cool maths and fun to know!

The kiddies used a selection of history books to glean information and answer questions on Queen Victoria, her reign and her family tree.

Poverty was rife in Victorian England and many children went without shoes. The kiddies tried going barefoot in the frost - there wasn't much positive feedback.

Victorian toys remain popular today. We learnt about toys used by richer children and basic toys used by poorer children.

Although modern versions, we realised our home is full of toys Victorian children would have recognised.

Paper dolls were popular during this era.

The BBC has some great webpages on the Victorians where Monkey Girl and The Boy did some detective work about Victorian time capsules.

Making simple Victorian toys.