Monday, 16 January 2017

Victorian Schools and the Victorian Seaside

We had some fun re-enacting a Victorian school day.

The children had to pay a penny for their education at the local village school.

 The kiddies dressed in Victorian clothes and we started the day with The Lord's Prayer

Reading from the Bible

Victorian schooling was a lot about rote learning. The kiddies recited their times tables over and over. It was hilariously boring.

Learning and reciting poetry

Handwriting practice

My poor sweet boy had a go at the dunce hat. Gosh - it made me feel so awful! I'm so glad we've moved on from that type of education!

A classroom poster of the British Empire

Break time - wooden toys and marbles

We had a look at Victorian photographs - all women, which made a nice change!

Writing with an old fashioned fountain pen.

Analysing Victorian school primary sources

The Boy picture-matched the Royal Family Tree

And we finished our look at Victorian social history from a child's perspective, with a morning learning about the impact of the railways on day trips to the coasts and the evolution of the seaside holiday

We learnt that a lot of the things we associate with the seaside today originated during the Victorian era, e.g. donkey rides, Punch and Judy etc.

We looked through some old postcards...

...and then made our own Victorian style postcards

We finished with a Punch and Judy show on YouTube and The Boy had fun recreating it!