Monday, 6 February 2017

Animal Pointillism, Farm Machine Inventions, Make Your Own Board Game and The Pony Express

We've been continuing our agriculture project with some varied work including learning sign language for animals and watching a BBC harvest series.

The Boy designed and made a farm machine which filtered and packaged cereals. He had to adjust and amend it as he created it. I think he's going to be an engineer :)

Monkey Girl veered away from UK agriculture and spent a morning researching and learning about agriculture in Africa.

The Boy did some cognitive development work which I based around farms to keep it themed and interesting.

Panda Girl worked on similar printables aimed at older kiddies.

We spent a morning learning about horses...

...including making hilarious Pony Express wanted posters (copied from actual posters from the time -  'Wanted: skinny wiry fellows, preferably orphans')...

...understanding how horses are measured using the 'hand' unit. A horse is considered to be a pony if it is under 14 hands and 2 inches. The kiddies guesstimated objects in terms of how many hands and by the end of the morning seemed to become experts in accuracy....

...and snack time became a lesson in horse nutrition (enough fibre, carbs, protein, fats etc)

Experimenting with Pointillism - art created using various size dots.

Panda Girl created her own board game based on farm successes (a good profit at market) and farm worries (bad harvests).

Monkey Girl named her board game Frustration Farm which I think was subconsciously created from teenage-ing and she found it extremely funny how frustrated everyone got trying to play it. Haha!

The children also created some lovely work about dairy farms and the milk process.