Monday, 5 June 2017

'Maternity Leave' Busy-ness

I took some time out from 'official' schooling while I had my sweet Baby. Here's what everyone's been up to.

The Boy went to a Robot Wars Workshop! He met Matilda and Ripper which is completely cool.

I love this lot

We took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch

We hung out

Ballet Girl continues to work hard on her High School Diploma

The Boy learnt how to make a Key-Lime pie

He also went to Saracens to play in their rugby festival...

...and watch a match.

Sweet Sunbaby arrived and the children met her for the first time!

This amazing Boy...

...celebrated his birthday.

Pond-dipping and a Spring pic-nic.

Uncle A came to visit from USA

These amazing girls participated in a huge dance production with their dance school.


Reading with beloved guinea pigs

More pond-dipping

Reading without beloved guinea pigs.

Ballet Girl celebrated a birthday.

The rugby season ended...

...and this brilliant Boy won Coaches' Player of the Year! Good boy. :)

Cafe chilling

 Big sister helping little sister with her maths

 Cadet competitions

And cadet courses

And this baby continues to grow and be loved by us all.