Friday, 24 November 2017

Glue Gun Fun, Keep Cross-Sections, Knights and Falconry

Our project on The Normans and The Middle Ages has surpassed our normal 2-3 week time frame for thematic units because there is just so much to fit in!

We made medieval jewellery using plasticine, gold paint and beads.

The papier mache swords were completed. The Boy's is an early medieval one-handed sword and Panda Girl's is a 15th century French sword.

The Boy added a few effects.

The portcullis, entrance to a tunnel of murder holes. Who would want to invade a castle?!

The kiddies experimented with the idea of arrow slits in castle walls: how much easier it was to fire through and down in defence of the castle, than up and through in attack. Firing arrows through cardboard box slits soon became a full on castle siege.  

After 13 years of homeschooling we finally bought a glue gun! Yay! We used it to make a cross section of a keep, including a bedchamber, The Great Hall and a store room/kitchen.

The Boy added a chapel in one of the turrets.

He made some brilliant medieval weapons out of K'nex.

Our focus turned to knights and Homeschoolshare allowed us to make this great lap book.

We read about famous knights and decided Godfrey de Bouillon and The Black Prince (brother to Mummy's favourite historical character, John of Gaunt) were our favourites.

Horse armour - the destrier's must have been incredibly strong.

We took a detour to the Dark Ages to explore the legend of King Arthur and to better understand the origins of knightly chivalry. 

And we added some bits to the timeline.

Back in the Middle Ages we learnt about hunting, hawking and falconry. Kings would have had gyrfalcons which are truly majestic. Barons would have had buzzards and knights, kestrels.

Massively impressed with the childrens' drawings today!

The Boy's

Panda Girl's