Tuesday, 16 January 2018


A new project for a new year :)

The beginnings of a Canada lapbook

Guessing Canada's numbers. I gave the children numbers on the red cards and they had to match them correctly to the fact.

Canada's resources. I hid these around the room and they had to find all 11.

Comparing our weights and heights with polar bear weights and heights!

Putting Canada's history in chronological order.

'Canada' comes from the Huron word, 'kanata' which means village or settlement.

Learning about land used for farming, nomadic herding, industry etc.

We watched Ray Mears' series in Canada...

...and The Boy had a go at some of his bushcraft ideas/

Finding Canada on the globe and locating the St. Lawrence River

And in an atlas.

The children made the St. Lawrence River so they could see it's size and significance: along its shores are Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec, the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls feed into it and it is a border between Canada and the US.

Ottawa cityscapes

Canada related alliterations.

And learning three ways heat can move, via the medium of an igloo: radiation, convection and conduction.