Sunday, 4 February 2018

Canada Continued: Arctic Hares and Inuit Snow Glasses

We had an interesting morning learning about arctic hares which are also known as snow rabbits. We took the car for a 40mph spin which is how fast arctic hares can run - that's crazy fast for such a small bundle of cute fluff. We realised that they are the exact same height as Sunbaby - 70cm. Love :) We watched some videos about them, made some easy pictures and read about them in books.

Arctic hares have black eyelashes to protect them from the sun's glare from the sky and reflecting off of the snow. Over the years we have studied bio-mechanics and their origins in the animal world. In light of this we made Inuit snow glasses which were used to protect human eyes.

Reading for The Boy and word mining for Panda Girl

Silly igloo stuff :D

We spent a whole morning learning about the Tundra as a biome